January 28, 2011
"Yesterday after a 30 minute walk in the snow the Caribbean Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden was a great place to spend a couple of hours observing the play between light and plants. If you want a dose of warm weather and tropical color, head on over to the Caribbean Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden."

— Bronx News Network - Tropical Color in the Bronx

January 26, 2011
Your perfect Saturday, January 22

A Caribbean break
Even though winter is our favorite season (we can wear cardigans for three months straight!), it is nice to get a break from the chilly weather. The New York Botanical Garden offers the perfect respite with its Caribbean Garden which features an array of plants native to the Caribbean islands, such as orchids and banana trees. But don’t get too excited: It may be about 70°F in the garden, but it’s still frigid outside, so leave the shorts at home

January 26, 2011
A cold weather alternative: The New York Botanical Garden

I found refuge out of the cold at the New York Botanical Garden this past weekend. Had a splendid time walking through the balmy Caribbean garden while playing with my new camera.

December 21, 2010
Spicebush Trail Reopens

After some extensive renovations, the Spicebush Trail has reopened in the Garden’s Native Forest. If you’ve never taken a wander through the Forest, you really should! It’s lovely. The Forest is, at 50-acres, the largest remaining tract of the primeval woods that once covered New York City. Here’s a little story we did focusing on the Forest in fall, but it should pique your interest for a beautiful, post-Train Show winter wander down this newly renovated trail.

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