April 12, 2012


The lovely ladies of Twig Terrariums hosted terrarium workshops at the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden today and will continue the terrarium adventures tomorrow! The little figurines in the photos are the characters the terrarium crafters could choose to decorate their little landscapes. So, are you a fairy or a storm trooper? Hmmmmm. Give me a pair of scissors and some super glue so i can make my very own fairy trooper! I think that’s more my style. 

Little Landscapes is still being the coolest thing over at the Adventure Garden (and will be until April 22). I’m hoping that I can pass for a kid long enough to get in and create my own miniature Endor/Ferngully. And that begs the mindblowing question: are they both technically the same location?Yeah, you think about that. —MN

March 21, 2012

While Twig Terrariums of Brooklyn is helping us spread the good word on these miniature worlds under glass, I thought I’d spotlight the NYBG's very own terrarium specialist. Maria Colletti has been designing self-contained biomes of moss, desert plants, tropical flowers and other unique environments for several years, artfully hand-building each terrarium—both opened and closed—that we sell at our Shop in the Garden.

Whether you’re looking for a complete terrarium to take home during your visit, or the input and supplies necessary to create your own from scratch, I can’t recommend Maria enough. She’s an archive of knowledge when it comes to this sort of thing. —MN

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