March 28, 2013
You Love Poets and We Know It

April is National Poetry Month! There’s nothing that pleases me more than to pair up one of the awesome photographs by our resident shutterbug Ivo with an excerpt from an equally awesome poem for our Morning Eye Candy features.

But I’m running low on poems. Help me out people!!


Submit a poem or answer below and you might see your favorite poem featured on our blog, Plant Talk! I’m looking for unusual suggestions, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” and most Robert Frost works are already on our radar. Hit me with something from left field, I know you can. Tumblr is one erudite place! ~AR

So let’s hear it: What is your favorite nature/gardening/flower/tree/spring/science/cloud/sky/weather themed poem?

April 2, 2012
"Disdaining butterflies
as frivolous,
she puttered with caterpillars,
and wore a coarse kimono,
crinkled and loose at the neck."

The Woman Who Loved Worms - by Colette Inez

I nearly forgot that April is National Poetry Month! Poetry, plants, and gardening are, to my mind, highly complimentary. What is your favorite poem about plants or gardening? ~AR

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