September 11, 2013


While I work away on some new stuff, and since it’s warbler migration season (!), I thought I’d repost this print I made last year (you can buy it here). I’m a birding fan AND a video game fan. How many can you identify?

Remember to keep office lights off at night so that those migrating birds can pass safely through your city. Find out more here.

Half of me is reblogging this because it is warbler migration season, and last Saturday marked the return of the weekend Bird Walk here at the Garden. It takes place every Saturday at 11 a.m., and it’s one of the best opportunities in the city to take up the birding habit and scope out species for your life list with an expert birder (Debbie Becker’s a whiz). And with newly-opened bird havens like the Native Plant Garden now available, spotting these teensy puffs of migratory color is a breeze.

The other half of me just freaking loves pixel art. Thanks goes to Ann for pointing this one out to me. —MN

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