December 31, 2012

Need to see some magnificent trees closer to home? NYBG is home to the largest remaining tract of the forest that once covered all of New York City. A few of our trees are older than the United States! And we have an great photo exhibition on now showcasing them. And if you need one more reason, here it is: Winter is a phenomenal time to look at the architecture of trees. Free of leaves and stark against the winter sky, it’s possible to truly appreciate the intricacies in this beautiful, helpful, important plants. ~AR


Sierra Club:  Six of America’s Coolest Trees

by Allison Montroy

1. The Banyan Tree; Lahaina, Maui.

Planted in 1873, this banyan tree was only eight feet tall. Today it stands 60 feet tall and has 11 more trunks than when it was first brought to Maui from India…

2. The Lone Cypress; Monterey Peninsula, CA.

At 250 years old, this cypress is a landmark for California’s beautiful 17-mile drive on the Monterey Peninsula…

3. “Methuselah” Bristlecone Pine, CA.

This tree has seen it all, and its twisted branches hold stories over 4,800 years old…

4. Pando Aspen Tree Grove; Utah.

Head to this grove of quaking aspen trees in southern Utah and you’ll find yourself face to face with the largest living organism in the world…

5. General Sherman Sequoia; Northern CA.

The Sherman Tree, the biggest tree (by volume) in the world.  With a circumference of 102 feet, it would take almost 20 people holding hands to circle its entire trunk…

6. Ancient Angel Oak Tree; Charleston, South Carolina.

The Ancient Angel loves to spread its wings, with a canopy reaching almost 17,000 square feet. Ancient Angel may also be the oldest tree east of the Mississippi at the age of 1,400 years…

(read more: The Sierra Club)

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