December 29, 2010
Do You Eat Your Christmas Tree?

René Redzepi is one of the hottest chefs in foodom at the moment. His name is whispered, in certain circles, alongside such toque-wearing titans as Thomas Keller and Feran Adria, and his cookbook was one of the hottest foodie holiday gifts. So when Redzepi says to eat your Christmas tree, it sets tongues a-wagging.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if families gathered after Christmas, festively removed the decorations and then cut off the tasty needles of the tree to flavor their food? The needles can be dried and mixed into a powder that makes a light, citrus-y and very aromatic spice. Sprinkle that powder into cookie dough, add some to rice as you cook it, or even rub it on chicken before roasting.

So, what do you think? Would you eat your Christmas tree? René even includes a few recipes and exhorts everyone to, “butcher the tree.” Hardly a peaceful thought … But in this day and age of locavorism and snout-to-tail eating, perhaps it’s a new holiday tradition in the making.

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